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With the advent of more and more social networks allowing for anyone to upload and share videos, the trend seems to be that many gamers want to record themselves playing games or at the very least show their friends that perfect head shot or boss battle online via YouTube or other video sharing sites. ROXIO aims to help levitate that need for the everyday gamer with it’s low cost and easy to use Game Capture device, so that anyone can be a machinima rock star.

Right from the second you launch the ROXIO software, your only given two options. You can either capture or edit & share, simple and not confusing at all. As you can tell ROXIO has really stripped away all of the nonsense found in most high end software packages but as you’ll see in a moment, kept more than enough features to give even the more skilled video editors a robust editing software package to really get some professional looking videos.
Now let’s see what you “can” and “can not” do with the ROXIO Game Capture device. You can plug any device that has a component cable output, though the packaging states PS3 and Xbox 360 on retail box. The Xbox original, PS2 with component cable and Wii all worked just fine as well as looked great even passing through the capture device.

As you just saw in the photo gallery your options are brought down to the most simplistic format, it’ll be hard to mess something up. When capturing all you need to do to get right into it is make sure that the ROXIO game capture is selected as your source and that the audio is set to the ROXIO device as well and then click CAPTURE to start and Stop Capture when your done. Easy..!
Since this isn’t actually a “how to” article I won’t get into a step by step when using the ROXIO editing software, but, I will tell you that from the experience on using other more “high end” editing software, the provided software can help you produce some fancy effects and once learned can provide you with all of the essential tools anyone would need to start sharing game play videos for the world to see.

Now, to finish this all off, I wouldn’t be doing any of you much justice if I only talked about the positive, there are a few things that could of been added to make this an almost perfect product.

1. First off you “can not” capture in HD at all. You can only pass through the device in HD so that your TV’s image is in HD while your playing your games.

2. You can’t connect any SD consoles to the device even though it only captures in 480p?! this is a big problem for most of us that run retro sites, since 99% of our consoles are only able to connect via SD methods. A simple composite input couldn’t of added that much of an added cost to the device, right? Only retro games found on Wii, 360 and PS3 need apply.

3. Even though the editing software is simple enough to use, it still has a pretty big learning curve when trying to master some of the more fancier features. Not everyone knows how to use a basic video editor let alone have the skill or patience to learn complex software.

So you see, though none of the mentioned negatives by any means should stop you from going out and purchasing this awesome device. Don’t buy it with the thought of capturing full HD videos nor expecting it to be the easiest video editor on the market.
The bottom line:
If you want to capture your game play habits and share them on YouTube, Facebook or any other video sharing site then get the ROXIO Game Capture device, it’s well worth the investment. You get a full featured video editing suite and great solid hardware that allows you to capture from an HD console of choice. With a little time spent on learning the software, you could start making some incredible machinima videos for the world to love and/or hate. You get a whole lot of product for the low cost of $99.99 estimated U.S. retail price. I’ve personally spoken with ROXIO on some of my concerns of not being able to actually capture in FULL HD, ans was told that it was a cost issue, but that a future product update could implement capturing in HD.

What you get for $99.99 :
-USB High Speed 2.0 Capture Box
-Support 1080i/720p pass-through to TV and 480p capture to PC simultaneously
-Support NTSC and PAL
-Cables included:
-1x 6-foot USB 2.0 cable
-1x 6-foot Component to Component Cable (male/male)
-1x 6-foot RCA Stereo Audio cable (male/male)

Compatible With Many Standards:
-Capture in AVI, WMV and DIVX. Export to H.264
-Hot key to start/stop video recordings
-Upload to YouTube, Facebook and other gaming sites
-Support 16:9 widescreen capture
-Leverage NVIDIA CUDA, ATI Stream and Intel Quick Sync Video when encoding in H.264
-XP, Vista and Win7

Below is a capture test using the ROXIO Game Capture and an Xbox 360.

If you have any comments, please leave them below or hit us up on Twitter directly at @0LDSCH00LJUNKIE and we will gladly try and answer your questions if we can.

Official ROXIO Game Capture website.

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  • Cauptain

    Hello man,

    Its record in 480p@30fps or 480p@60fps??

    Software size is small?

    He writes with codecs we choose?

    What is the highest resolution? 720×480 or 848×480?



    • Anonymous

      It captures at 60fps @ 480p the resolution 720×480 is the default, but I do believe it captures in 848×480 wide screen (as shown above in my screenshots) only if you capture in DIVX format. When you choose WMV or AVI it captures in 720×480….hope this helps. Thanks for the comment.

      • Cauptain

        Big tks SocialGamer.

        Make pre-order but send to Brazil in 20 days.

        Do you have a channel on Youtube? if so, would like to see.

        Thank you again


        • Anonymous

          You can find all of our social sites and channels at the top of the page..look for the YouTube logo and your all set, or, here’s the link…> http://youtube.com/thesocialgamer

          • Cauptain

            Hi SocialGamer,

            I have several capture cards and various capture programs. I’m always

            helping peoples in the recordings, especially in the area of games.

            I do not have to download the software that comes with ROXIO GAME CAPTURE

            If you can to upload in a website (multiupload, megaupload…) a copy of

            the Software included in RGC CD (no need serial or anything, only software)

            its help me much, because in addition to test my cards, still could answer

            all the doubts of the staff.

            I participate in various forums (videohelp, avsforum, ulead, cyberlink,

            outerspace, roxio…) and whenever I’m buying new capture cards and testing

            out solutions and posting in forums.

            If you can help me, I would be very grateful

            Claudio Raphael

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you follow me on Twitter click the link.
            www twitter dot com/@TheSocialGamer
            and we can talk more through that. Don’t want to flood the site with talk not related directly to the post..! See Ya on Twitter bro..!

          • Anonymous

            Yes I stream with the Roxio card and it’s great my viewers tell me that the quality is very good and sharp. This is a great starter kit for streaming as well as capturing your game play videos. I love it. The only thing you need to know is that it’s not an HD capture card nor can you stream in HD. But you can stream and capture in very High Quality 16×9 480p..!

  • ADHDasian

    Well I have the same device but my video quality is way worst. I play Black Ops and I record that gameplay, but its so blurry that I cannot read anything on the screen. What are your settings and how do u make it look so nice for your youtube video?

    • Anonymous

      I use the Roxio Capture for both capturing and streaming live on JTV. I recommend when you connect your Xbox or PS3 to set the resolution to 720p and not 1080i. Also the best settings seem to come from making an AVI format video and raising the sharpness settings up until you get a pretty sharp image. But, too much sharpness will make it look worse. So be light with the sharpness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000091967513 Niall Sleepy McGuire

    or you could get a good quality , trusted and used by everyone else hauppage hdpvr


    Hi mine doesn’t capture and it says no signal. It doesn’t even recognise the usb.


  • Enjoimii

    Can you record on a regular old tv or does it have to be an HD tv. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      No, you need to have a television with component inputs, unless you have a classic CRT “boob tube” tv that has the component inputs.

  • Atlantic92020

    Do I need Internet to my computer and xbox simultaneously?

    • Anonymous

      Nope..! You Do not need an internet connection at all. The only thing you will need internet for is to upload your videos to what ever online service you like to share your videos on.