3DS System Update: Join Your Friends’ Online Game Directly From Friend’s List On 3DS

The days of scrummaging through a database of Nintendo friend codes is “not” totally gone but, Nintendo is heading in the right direction towards that all in one friends list integration to help you play games over the net a lot easier. Hit the title of this post to see the official announcement from Nintendo.

“Nintendo: New Friend-List Feature
A new feature has been added to the friend list. You can now join an online friend’s game directly from the friend list. All you need to do is select a friend-list icon in the HOME Menu when there are friends you can join online. This feature is available from system-software version 2.2.0-0U onward. If you have a previous version of the system software, please update your system.”
NOTE: This feature can be used only by players who are registered as a friend and who are playing a supported Nintendo 3DS title.”

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