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3DS Gets Miiverse And eShop Funds Shared With Wii U

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Hey fellow retro gamers and 3DS owners, it’s me your pal Social Gamer with a quick look at the latest software update for the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL. Below I’ll share the information found originally on the Official Nintnedo 3DS Update Page but just the bits I felt mattered the most..!

Here are a few highlights of the latest software update.
Support for Nintendo Network ID:
“A Nintendo Network ID will now be required to download free content, including game demos, from Nintendo eShop.”
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Support for Miiverse:
“Users can view posts from their Nintendo 3DS, Wii U system, or online via computer or mobile device. Nintendo 3DS users can post illustrations or comments by signing in to Miiverse with their Network ID.”
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Finally, if you haven’t updated yet or don’t know how to update your 3DS handheld hit the link below for the complete walk-through….!
System and Feature Updates

Enjoy your new 3DS Features.!

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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow – Wii U Focus For 2013

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Hey friends, it’s your retro brother Social Gamer here with a quickie news bite for our Nintendo fans. Tomorrow there’s going to be an awesome filled Nintendo Direct that will be focusing on the Wii U and of course the 3DS release information for the 2013 lineup.

Nothing much more right now but make sure to spread the news to your communities and friends abroad.

Here’s wishing the best for Nintendo…!

Keep It Retro…!

Be there at October 1, at 7:00am PT / 10:00am ET
Here’s the Nintendo Direct link: Nintendo Direct 10.1.2013

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Breaking News: 3D TV Comes To The Nintendo 3DS

Unlike most non believers, the 3DS is a small but very capable handheld console. Nintendo refuses to give up it’s title belt in the hand held market. Today as mentioned by Computer and Video Games you’ll be able to watch 3D TV shows exclusively on the 3DS today and if you don’t have a 3DS you can still watch a 2D version on your Wii console on December 16th. Continue reading

N3DS Conference: Capcom Presentation

One of our favorite showings at the Nintendo Launch Event was the Capcom portion. With a bit more lively commentary than the other companies and showcasing their new Super Street Fighter title for the N3DS, Capcom has really utilized the new functionality of the N3DS, which will host a huge roster of both old and new fighters along with enough online features to satisfy even the hardcore Xbox and PS3 console gamers that expect a full feature online experience.
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