Social Gamer Talks OnLive And Why It’s Relevant Now

Hello Old School Junkie friends and welcome back to yet another insightful opinion piece from your retro brother Social Gamer…me!
Today I wanted to talk a bit about why I think that the OnLive game platform is relevant and is a must try for any true gamer whether your into hardcore or casual games. With a growing library of triple A titles, with more on the way, OnLive is a real alternative to the popular gaming consoles. Continue reading

Lost INTROs: The 7th Saga On The Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Hello retro fans and welcome back to Old School Junkie. We would like to start off by thanking everyone who has been with us since the beginning. OSJ is slowly creeping up on our 2nd year of retro gaming as well as showcasing unique Independent Game developer news and videos. Please take a look at our Indie Games “Featured Apps” on the side of the page. All of the listed game developers have contributed in one way or another to the growth of Old School Junkie and we are humbly indebted to them all. Continue reading

Indie News: Today And Temporarily Download The Headcase Games Indie Hit 180 Ultra From Amazon Appstore For Free

Our friend and Independent Developer Ron Alpert has dropped us a quick Tweet letting us know that his title is temporarily free on the Amazon Android App Store. 180 Ultra is the premium $1.99 version of the always free ad supported version 180. If you never heard of 180 or 180 Ultra you can check out our review here. Continue reading

Lost Intros Featuring True Crime: Streets Of L.A. On The Original Xbox

When we think of classic sandbox games, for most of the console generation, the name Grand Theft Auto comes to mind. During the Xbox and PS2 era, there was a unique free roam sandbox game that hit store shelves and actually was pretty popular among gamers. It was the True Crime series. On the Xbox TCSOLA was one of only a handful of high definition games that supported the 720p and 1080i native resolutions. Continue reading

Cinematic INTROs Final Fantasy XIV – Some Of The Most Beautiful Cinematics Ever

In this second ever Cinematic INTROs we wanted to show our viewers the epic introduction opening to the poorly received SquareEnix MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. We aren’t going to bash on this game. We actually know that the game will be up to snuff real soon. The game literally is getting a complete reboot to say the least. Continue reading

Arcade Play Featuring The Ever Popular Mr.Do!

In this first ever Arcade Play vidcast we toss our virtual quarter into Mr.Do!, a favorite and fun arcade game from the lost era of Arcade gaming. What we remember about Mr.Do! is that you had to collect all of the cherries on each level while killing or avoiding the odd looking red monsters. The game played allot like another classic title named DigDug but, the similarities end at the digging. Continue reading

Lost INTROs Featuring Albert Odyssey On The SEGA Saturn

Hey everyone it’s me Social Gamer back again with another Lost INTROs vidcast. Albert Odyssey is a 2D JRPG that was published by Working Designs for the SEGA Saturn. The game is truly epic in size both in Story and Scale the classic top down map, looked amazingly 3D but it was really the Saturn’s great zooming and scaling capabilities that makes Albert Odyssey a must have for anyone that’s into collecting great games. Continue reading

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