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Cleaned The Gaming Rig Today – 4/17/2014

Morning to you all. Today I woke up feeling like doing a bit of Spring Cleaning…..on my Gaming Rig that is!
If you love PC gaming like I do or even if you like to capture game plays or live stream via your PC then you will have to get into proper cleaning
practices when your Rig is concerned. Keeping a well groomed computer will not only make your computer look like new for a longer period of time, but,
also help to extend the life and performance of your internal components. Your Power Supply, Graphics Card and Computer Processors all generate heat
and love to collect fine dust particles that can truly hurt your Rigs performance.

Just always have a large can of compressed air open the case and blow it all out and I mean it when I say open the case, get that dust out.
Don’t be lazy by leaving your tower all closed up and just think that blowing the dust around the inside through your fan or air ports will do it.
That’s even worst than not cleaning it.

Well I’ve shared a few pictures of my baby.!

Enjoy and always Keep It Retro ..!

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Just Game Play – Metroid Fusion On The Wii U Virtual Console

Hey fellow retro gamers, collectors and anyone else who appreciates the roots of gaming. Welcome to Old School Junkie.! I’ve been taking care of my personal health and have been out of commission for some time now. I’m still working on getting my health back to “normal status” but I just had to pull the bed sheets back for a quickie video.

The awesome news that has pulled me out of bed was the fact that the Wii U eShop now has Virtual Console games for the awesome Gameboy Advance…! That’s right!
You can now download and play full screen or via gamepad GBA titles on your Wii U. My first title was Metroid Fusion since I missed it the first time around and to
be 100% honest, the game looks plays and runs flawlessly. I was expecting some stretching or bad format due to the nature of the titles originally only running on a small hand held device.

No need to worry here. As you’ll see in the video below, I captured the game via HDMI on the Wii U at the full 1080p settings. So with that being said, I have captured
the opening and starting intro cinematic as well as a few minutes of game play for your viewing pleasure.

I always appreciate the support from my friends, fans and close affiliate partners that have kept me wanting to continue with Old School Junkie.

Keep It Retro ..!

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Just Game Play – Hyper 3D Pinball – Sega Saturn

Hey fellow retro heads….I played a bit of this classic Sega Saturn Pinball game for your viewing pleasure.!

Hyper 3D Pinball is just that, a Video Pinball game for the Sega Saturn which is both challenging and fun. What I mean by that is, that getting used to the ball physics and flipper timing is tough but once you master them you’ll actually get a pretty high score. So in the end, when you do well in a round of Hyper 3D Pinball you’ll somehow feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m by means an expert in video pinball but I’ve always enjoyed the challenge and fun factor of hitting a steel ball around the virtual playground of a Pinball machine.

<<<< Note >>>>
I apologize for any frame rate issues you might see but at the very least you can get an example of how the game play is. You still see what the visuals are like in Hyper 3D Pinball for the Sega Saturn.
I think the frame rate was only bugging out while uploading and processing on YouTube. Now that it’s fully uploaded and processed, the video seems to look fine now!

Almost every video on this channel with only a few exceptions (due to being expensive to buy or extreme rarity) are always captured using real console hardware and my capture hardware/software.

So on a few occasions the retro consoles output will have a few hiccups. I hope you enjoy this Retro Game Play video, let’s hope you’ll enjoy many more retro videos inbound from your retro brother The Social Gamer!

Like always Keep It Retro with me on Twitter (@TheSocialGamer) and the site’s Twitter feed (@0LDSCH00LJUNKIE) as well as right here on Old School Junkie website (…!

Just Game Play – Hyper 3D Pinball – Sega Saturn by OldSchoolJunkie

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Diable III XBox 360 – DEMO

After so many weeks on the consoles I finally give the DEMO a go….and to my surprise, Diablo III is quite a solid port from the PC. Great visuals, game play and the ever lasting looting which is know in the franchise continues on within the consoles as well.
The original video was well over an hour and is worth playing through if you plan on buying the full version as you can carry over your DEMO charactor’s inventory, specs and upgrades into the full retail game.
Enjoy the video and thanks again for rating and subscribing to our little channel here on YouTube..!

Keep It Retro…!

Skyrim MODS

Still getting lost in: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Hey everyone, Social Gamer here with a quick share. In the last 24 hrs I’ve been consumed by my ever favorite open world and western RPG Skyrim on the PC. What I’ve been messing is with a ton of mods via Steam’s Workshop. What you see below are Maxed out settings in 1080p screenshots.

One thing I have to say…..With these visuals, I’m always exploring and getting lost in forests and caves just to see what goodies I can come across.

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elGato Game Capture HD Software Update Adds Full Xbox One Support

elgato game capture hd

Hey guys and gals, it’s me Social Gamer with a quickie post before I head out to work today. I went to load up the ole’ capture card to do a little recording and I was prompted with the message you see below..!

XB1 elGato

This made me all giddy inside and even though I wasn’t going to capture game play from my Xbox One, I had no option but to do so after I updated my elGato device. So from what the update states and as you can see for yourself above, easier screenshot button (which I never had a problem before?) but at the very least we also got the important optimizations and input selection options I always enjoy when using this little but powerful device to capture all of Old School junkie’s content be it old retro greatness or the futures powerful next gen consoles.

With that said take a look at some glorious full 1080p Xbox One game play of Dead Rising 3……..thanks for sharing this post and viewing my video. Let’s hope it’s not flagged on YouTube.!

[ Keep It Retro ]

Dead Rising 3 – 1080p – elGato – Game Play Capture

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3DS Gets Miiverse And eShop Funds Shared With Wii U

New - Banner - Nintendo News

Hey fellow retro gamers and 3DS owners, it’s me your pal Social Gamer with a quick look at the latest software update for the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL. Below I’ll share the information found originally on the Official Nintnedo 3DS Update Page but just the bits I felt mattered the most..!

Here are a few highlights of the latest software update.
Support for Nintendo Network ID:
“A Nintendo Network ID will now be required to download free content, including game demos, from Nintendo eShop.”
Get more information now.

Support for Miiverse:
“Users can view posts from their Nintendo 3DS, Wii U system, or online via computer or mobile device. Nintendo 3DS users can post illustrations or comments by signing in to Miiverse with their Network ID.”
Get more information now.

Finally, if you haven’t updated yet or don’t know how to update your 3DS handheld hit the link below for the complete walk-through….!
System and Feature Updates

Enjoy your new 3DS Features.!

On a side note why not add your retro buddy to your friends list just add me to your Wii U or 3DS friends list with my info below.
3DS -> 2251-5512-6778


Social Gamer Talks About Xbox One Capturing Via Upload Studio

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Hey Xbox One owners…it’s been a while since I’ve posted a video for that I apologize. Work has me working crazy rotating days and nights. Many friends have asked me to share my view on the built in Upload Studio capture features on the Xbox One. With that, have a look at my videos below of a 5 minute capture to show you that not only do you capture in 720p HD but there is no performance hit on the actual game play when capturing through the Upload Studio.

Thank you very much for sharing and viewing out Old School Junkie videos. I’m forever grateful and humbled by our many world wide fans….!
I will be posting more retro videos after the holidays.

Keep It Retro ..!

Capturing Game Play on the Xbox One.

Raw Video Capture 100% done on the Xbox One Console.


Social Gamer Take A Quick Look: ATGames Sega Genesis Classic Console

Banner-Default-Sega Genesis

Hey guys, gals and retro friends, it’s me again Jorge “Social Gamer” Murphy with yet another quickie overview of the, as I like to call it…ODD-WARE from ATGames. The Sega Genesis Classic Console is small, has 80 built in games and with the option to use your original game carts and controllers this little piece of tech is an awesome way to play your collection without reconnecting your original Genesis console(s).

No 32X support…!

Well here’s my quick thoughts and overview for your pleasure..!

Keep It Retro…!


Review – SEGA Master System Game Gear Portable

Banner-Default-SEGA Master System and Game Gear

Hey fellow retro heads, it’s me again Social Gamer with an odd find but cool retro gadget. The SEGA Master System & Game Gear Portable handheld system from ATGames.
Now off the bat, this may not be for everyone. This cheap and little handheld is probable for retro heads like me who like to collect the odd and under marketed gaming
So with that being said, there could be a small niche community who would find this portable gaming device worth it’s value in games. I personally love the Game Gear titles that I never got a chance to play or own back in the day so for me $30 was a steal and a good value for my money.
You decide and I hope you enjoy this quick overview of the SEGA Master System & Game Gear Portable…!


15 Minutes Of Game: Super Castlevania IV – SNES

Banner-Default-Super Castlevania IV

In today’s retro game play video we play a bit of the cult classic Super Nintendo exclusive, Super Castlevania IV.
This title was and still is in many minds, one of the best looking Super NES games and probable any console for that matter.
Social Gamer talks about why he loves Super Castlevania on the SNES and plays 15 minutes of the game while he explains why it’s one of his all time favorite action platformers from the 16-Bit era of gaming.

Keep It Retro ..!


Dead Space: Extraction – A Quick Look – Full HD via Wii U

Banner-Default-Dead Space Wii

Welcome back to another awesome HD game play video from me (Social Gamer) and Old School Junkie. Today’s video is a bit of an older title but by no means retro. That being said, Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii console is a title that passed me by last generation but glad I found in the bargain bin at my local game shop.

I was able to pick this game up along with two other Wii titles for the low cost of $15..!
This is an on rails shooter with more depth than one would expect for a light gun game. This is just the first chapter of the story mode and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I loved playing it for your viewing pleasure.
On a side note: With the Wii U’s awesome backwards compatibility, original Wii titles are output in glorious 1080p. I captured this video in full 1080p via HDMI…!

Enjoy and Keep It Retro..!

Featured Picture Wind Waker HD

First 15 Minutes of Native 1080p Wind Waker HD

Banner Default Wind Waker HD

Hey fellow Nintendo and Zelda fans. Today’s video is only a small sampling of the Wii U exclusive title: The Wind Waker HD.

I know that there are a million walkthrough and game play videos of this game on the ole YouTube, sorry in advance. What I wanted to showcase is a simple, short but yet beautiful graphical overhauled Wii U exclusive title that Nintendo has re-created for a true and complete remastering of the original Gamecube game of the same name.

This game passed me by during the Gamecube era but won’t pass me again. A great adventure awaits anyone interested in exploration, puzzle solving and action all rolled up into a beautiful game disc or digital download.

Enjoy and Keep It Retro…!

First 15 Minutes of Native 1080p Wind Waker HD by OldSchoolJunkie

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